Vision Travels | You could argue for waiving Marincin or Holl and hoping they
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You could argue for waiving Marincin or Holl and hoping they

You could argue for waiving Marincin or Holl and hoping they

Gauthier is under contract for cheaper next season already so he safe, and we have a bunch of cheap 4th line options on the Marlies that could potentially move up (Moore, Engvall, Grundstrom, Marchment). You could argue for waiving Marincin or Holl and hoping they don get claimed, but then Leivo is yet again probably sitting in the press box for a long time since Ennis has really earned his spot. So I see this as partly a move with an eye to saving some cap next season, getting something for a guy that would likely be claimed for free on waivers, and doing Leivo a favour to get him consistent NHL playing time instead of putting his career on hold again.

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