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Some features like sharing favorite passages

Some features like sharing favorite passages

I went looking for a source on this myself, because I have heard similar things like a large number of soldiers would fire over the enemy head, etc. I came across this article:So the article states that this dude, Samuel Lyman Marshall is the one that is mostly accredited with perpetuating this assertion (at least for WWII), and according to him the number is that only 15% 25% of men fired their weapon at the enemy and the other majority did not. At the time, his statistic was quoted, and when others made this assertion they were citing his book as the source.

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Solving the world environmental problems could take a significant toll on economic growth if only today technologies are available. We know that innovation the creation and adoption of new technologies and know how provides a means to achieve local and global environmental goals at significantly lower costs. Innovation is also a major driver of economic growth..

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