Vision Travels | 2019 August 05
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August 2019

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Blended feelings on Women’s Day in Eastern Europe

Many individuals, specially those above 35 surviving in Eastern Europe, nevertheless associate 8 March because of the old official Communist celebrations, with faded red cloves and drunken guys 'celebrating' Women's Day. But slowly the afternoon, which symbolises emancipation that is female has gained brand new legitimacy, a trip of this EURACTIV system reveals.

Within the Czech Republic, Women's Day has nevertheless numerous opponents since it had been misused by the former communist regime as a propaganda device. Many nevertheless recall tragicomic scenes by which guys utilized the afternoon as a reason to savor a tumultuous evening, while females workers received containers of candies or detergent as their bosses had been obliged to provide gift suggestions to each and every feminine staff member.

Following the regime disintegrated in 1989, 8 March ended up being changed by other parties such as for example Mother's or Valentine's Day Day. Those, but, never acquired the same appeal in the Czech Republic as many folks saw them as synthetic or commercial.

In 2004, as soon as the Social Democrats had been on energy, a legislation on general public feasts ended up being passed away in parliament and confirmed the 8 March as each day to commemorate, inspite of the protests associated with centre-right bulk within the Senate, the top of chamber of parliament.

Nowadays, things are gradually changing because the more youthful generation does not have any memory of previous times. What exactly is particular is florists' product product sales are at the top of Women's Day, with a few recording also greater takings than on Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.

Prime minister recites poems

In Slovakia, which formed one country using the Czech Republic until 1 January 1993, the party of 8 March had been quite politicised to start with. Centre-right events, as an example, have actually demanded that Women's Day be replaced by mom's time due to the fact holiday that is official.

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