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Visa Drop Box

Saudi Arabia

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Malaysia Visa Services:

Vision Travels accepts applications for Malaysian Visa for applicants from North Pakistan i.e. Federal capital, Punjab and KPK provinces. These applications are processed by Malaysian High Commission, Islamabad. As ocially appointed by the Malaysia High Commission.


Malaysia Visa Drop Box

Following are the types of visa applications being dealt by Vision Travels. VTR (Visa without reference): Categories mentioned as below are included in VTR type of applications. This includes all short stay single/ multiple entry visa applications (Maximum 30 days)

1. Tourism 2. Holiday 3. Business/ Conference

4. Visiting Friends / Relatives 5. Transit

6. Official Trips VDR(Visa with reference):

Visa with reference is for Long Stay Applicants which is given after application referral and approval by Department of Immigration in Malaysia. Below are the applications falling under this category 1. Student 2. Employment 3. Dependents

4. Professional visits 5. MM2H Application Process: Applications can be submitted at Vision Travels offices personally by the applicants or through any representatives. It is strongly recommended to provide all documents as required by the High Commission and mentioned in the document requirement list as below.